About Jaie Boo

Jaie Boo


Getting to know the Heart Breaker herself.

I am a 32 year old entrepreneur, travel enthusiast and mogul. My main goals are to explore this amazing life I've been given and live it to the fullest. I aspire to show everyone that no matter what goals in life you set, anything is achievable and I'm proof of that.

My most important title is Mother and I teach my son that all things are possible through determination and God's grace by my actions and accomplishments.


One of my biggest accomplishments is opening myself up to a life of an entertainer. Hosting, acting, modeling, and being a radio personality are just a few of the amazing opportunities I have been blessed to receive through the doors that have been opened for me. I recently became a brand ambassador & model for HauteButch in addition to launching my own clothing & accessory line which I hope you love as much as I do.

Thank You!

To the Amazing people in life who have given me these opportunities and to all of my supporters, I greatly appreciate you all. You are the greatest source of motivation and this is just the beginning of our journey.